11 Reasons Why Getting A Hobby Will Make
You Better At Work, At Home, And Inside!

by Darryl L. Mobley

Do you have a hobby that you love? One that consumes you? I certainly hope so.success-mojo-banner-to-webpage

One of the subscribers to my Success eNewsletter (Jim W. from Tennessee) sent me information on his hobby. I loved his stories and the photos. Jim collects, re-tools, and races Mustangs. His hobby caused him to meet his wife of 40+ years, meet folks who have become friends, bond with younger members of his family, and travel. He tells me that his car hobby has even kept him young! That’s good stuff.

Jim closed his letter to me with this: “Mustangs, and the people who love them, are two of my favorite parts of life! Regarding my hobby — I live it and love it. I hope that everyone can find something similar that they love and are passionate about, and live it, too!

Wow! [Thanks Jim!!!]

Here’s my question to you: What’s Your Hobby? You need one.

Here are 11 benefits that come from having your own wonderful hobby obsession:

1. It is an important aspect of having a well-balanced life.

2. Because it is something that you enjoy and do voluntarily, you will become happy every time that you find yourself working on your hobby.

3. A hobby will challenge your thinking, and strengthen you mentally.About-Darryl-banner-v2

4. You become better at managing your time (so that you can get to your hobby).

5. Having a hobby will calm you.

6. You will never be caught bored and with nothing to do. Your hobby will always be there to fill your free time.

7. Your hobby will make you more interesting to other people.

workaholic-linkedin8. As with Jim – my subscriber mentioned above – having a hobby will lead to you having more friends. You will attract people who have the same interests as you.

9. I have clients who met their mate-to-be while they were engaged in their hobby. I also have clients who got their big career break because of someone they met while ‘doing’ their hobby. What I’m saying is that pursuing your hobby can change your life!

10. Like burning out? Good. Neither do I. Wrapping yourself around a hobby will keep you from burning out from work or family responsibilities. More than 20 years observing others as a life & executive coach have shown me that this is true. Yes.

11. Having a hobby allows you to rack up accomplishments outside of work, family or academia. You will be amazed at how good you feel about yourself because of your hobby-accomplishments. I have a very good friend who is at the very top of the advertising field. Yet – he gets most of his feelings of joy and self-esteem from his hobby as a musician in a band.

Your hobby can be anything that you LOVE to do. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take away from other important parts of your life. When you find the hobby that is right for you, you will find it to be the perfect friend, ready to be picked up whenever you have a chance.

So again I ask you: What’s Your Hobby?

If you don’t have a hobby or you are looking for another one – I have listed below 214 Testimonial-James-Lafferty300x250hobbies that you should look over and choose from. You are bound to find some new hobbies that get your blood racing.

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Remember – You DO deserve to live a great life.

Enjoy Life!

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Coach Mobley’s Hobby List

1. Aeromodelingso-you-want-dlm-banner
2. Amateur Astronomy
3. Amateur Radio
4. Animals/pets/dogs
5. Arts
6. Astrology
7. Astronomy
8. Backgammon
9. Baseball
10. Basketball
11. Beach/Sun tanning
12. Beachcombing
13. Beadwork
14. Beatboxing
15. Becoming A Child Advocate
16. Bell Ringing
17. Belly Dancing
18. Bicycling
19. Bird watching
20. Birding
21. BMX
22. Blogging
23. Board Games
24. Boating
25. Body Building
26. Bonsai Tree
27. Bowling
28. Brewing Beer
29. Bridge
30. Bringing Food To The Disabled
31. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity
32. Building Dollhouses
33. Butterfly Watching
34. Button Collecting
35. Calligraphy
36. Camping
37. Candle Making
38. Canoeing
39. Car Racing
40. Casino Gambling
41. Cave Diving
42. Chess
43. Church/church activities
44. Cigar Smoking
45. Cloud Watching
46. Coin Collecting
47. Collecting
48. Collecting Antiques
49. Collecting Artwork
50. Compose Music
51. Computer activities
52. Cooking
53. Crafts
54. Crafts (unspecified)
55. Crochet
56. Crocheting
57. Cross-Stitch
58. Crossword Puzzles
59. Dancing
60. Diecast Collectibles
61. Digital Photography
62. Dolls
63. Dominoes
64. Drawing
65. Dumpster Diving
66. Eating out
67. Educational Courses
68. Electronics
69. Embroidery
70. Entertaining
71. Exercise (aerobics, weights)
72. Fast cars
73. Fishing
74. Football
75. Four Wheeling
76. Freshwater Aquariums
77. Frisbee Golf
78. Games
79. Gardening
80. Garage Sales
81. Genealogy
82. Houseboating
83. Going to movies
84. Golf
85. Go Kart Racing
86. Grip Strength
87. Guitar
88. Handwriting Analysis
89. Hang gliding
90. Hiking
91. Home Brewing
92. Home Repair
93. Home Theater
94. Horse riding
95. Hot air ballooning
96. Hula Hoping
97. Hunting
98. Illusion
99. Internet
100. Jet Engines
101. Jewelry Making
102. Jigsaw Puzzles
103. Juggling
104. Keep A Journal
105. Kites
106. Kite Boarding
107. Knitting
108. Knotting
109. Learn to Play Poker
110. Learning A Foreign Language
111. Learning An Instrument
112. Learning To Pilot A Plane
113. Lagos
114. Listening to music
115. Macramé
116. Magic
117. Making Model Cars
118. Matchstick Modeling
119. Meditation
120. Metal Detecting
121. Model Rockets
122. Modeling Ships
123. Models
124. Motorcycles
125. Mountain Biking
126. Mountain Climbing
127. Musical Instruments
128. Needlepoint
129. Owning An Antique Car
130. Origami
131. Painting
132. Paintball
133. Papermaking
134. Parachuting
135. People Watching
136. Photography
137. Piano
138. Pinochle
139. Playing music
140. Playing team sports
141. Pottery
142. Puppetry
143. Pyrotechnics
144. Quilting
145. Rafting
146. Radio Controlled Trains
147. Radio Controlled Boats
148. Radio Controlled Cars
149. Radio Controlled Helicopters
150. Radio Controlled Planes
151. Reading
152. Reading To The Elderly
153. Relaxing
154. Renting movies
155. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
156. Robotics
157. Rock Collecting
158. Rockets
159. Rocking AIDS Babies
160. Running
161. Saltwater Aquariums
162. Scrapbooking
163. Scuba Diving
164. Sewing
165. Shark Fishing
166. Skeet Shooting
167. Shopping
168. Singing In Choir
169. Skateboarding
170. Sketching
171. Sky Diving
172. Sleeping
173. Smoking Pipes
174. Snorkeling
175. Soap Making
176. Soccer
177. Socializing with friends/neighbors
178. Spelunking
179. Spending time with family/kids
180. Stamp Collecting
181. Storytelling
182. String Figures
183. Surf Fishing
184. Swimming
185. Tea Tasting
186. Tennis
187. Tesla Coils
188. Tetris
189. Textiles
190. Tombstone Rubbing
191. Tool Collecting
192. Toy Collecting
193. Train Collecting
194. Travel
195. Traveling
196. Treasure Hunting
197. Turning Business Around
198. Tutoring Children
199. TV watching
200. Urban Exploration
201. Video Games
202. Volunteer
203. Walking
204. War Gaming
205. Watching sporting events
206. Windsurfing
207. Wine Making
208. Woodworking
209. Working In A Food Pantry
210. Working on cars
211. Writing
212. Writing eNewsletters and articles
213. Yoga
214. Yo-Yoing

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