12 FIENDISH WAYS I CAN MAKE YOU FAIL (In Business and in Life)!

I Want You To Fail (by following my 12 Commandments)


Not really, but…

“If I wanted you to fail,
like hitting your thumb instead of the nail,
I would draw up a list for you,
of just twelve things to do.”

Here they are:

Darryl Mobley’s 12 Commandments of Failure

1. Don’t make plans to achieve the success you desire. What are your plans for success?

2. Don’t set specific dates for the accomplishment of key parts of your goals. free life coaching answers - bannerWhat dates have you set for meeting certain progress points towards your goals?

3. Plan and plan and plan…without ever taking effective action. When do you plan to take massive action in pursuit of your goals?

4. Don’t have a powerful, all-consuming reason “why” you wish to reach your goal. Why do you want to achieve the major goal you’ve set?

5. Don’t be congruent with your goals. What sorts of people do the thing that you have set as your goal? Are you that person right now? What will you do to become that person so that you are worthy of the goal you seek?

6. Suffer from scatteration. What are your major goals? What are the key action steps you must take to achieve your major goals? Are you prepared to eliminate, as much as possible, all the things you currently do that don’t lead you to your major goals?

7. Don’t embrace what success will mean for you. Have you decided that you really want what attainment of your goal will give you?

8. Fear failure. Do you worry about what will happen if you don’t achieve your goals? Do you fear criticism or rejection? What resources will you seek out to help you get out of your head and into your greatness?

9. Fail to focus. What will you do to make sure that your every available moment is spent focusing on taking steps toward your goal?

10. Keep negative, goal-destroying people in your life. Are you allowing dream-stealers (negative people) to have access to you? Do you accept that no one has the right to drain you of your positive energy? Have you developed strategies for eliminating negative dream-stealers from your life?

11. Don’t do the work that the goal requires. Are you lazy? Are you willing to do the work that all real success requires? Why? Why not?

12. Wait for the “perfect situation” to present itself before you make your move. Have you been making the circular arguments for waiting for the perfect situation? These arguments keep you in failure-pattern. This sort of thinking has kept people in… jobs they hate…abusive relationships…terrible cities…health damaging habits…declining stocks…and non-productive friendships. Are you willing to accept that there will never be a perfect time or perfect situation for you to make your move on life? Are you willing to make your move, now?

“Have you been making the circular arguments for waiting for the perfect situation?”

You know that I want you to succeed by NOT following my 12 Commandments. I gave a presentation to a major global corporation that was suffering – according to the CEO – from an inability to achieve key business goals and a focus on the world’s bad economy.

The CEO told me that they had the financial, technical, strategic, and human resources necessary to achieve the organization’s goals. What they were lacking was the attitude necessary for success.

I gave my presentation – consisting primarily of the 12 Commandments above – to about 17,000 employees. I then worked with the corporation’s 11 key managers for four months on behavioral congruency. (Lots of training to make sure that their actions matched their goals.) The result just eight months later: The corporation exceeded each of its key business objectives.

How about you? Can you not follow 12 simple commandments? This is one instance when I don’t want you to follow my advice.

Enjoy Life!

Darryl L. Mobley
America’s No. 1 Life Coach
P.S. – I’d like to ask you to share any stories of how you’ve tried to succeed in the past, but tripped yourself up with self-defeating actions or behaviors. Please leave me a comment below with the details.


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