3 Things To Do If You Hate Your Life!

Hello friend! Darryl Mobley here. I was just 21 years old when I first heard someone say: “I Hate My Life.” More recently I received the following message:

I hate my life. I feel as if my time is ticking away and I am mad about all of the mistakes I’ve made to this point of my life. Can you help me?” ~ Steven T., California

I get asked some version of this question several times each week.

I don’t want anyone to hate his/her life. In fact, underlying all of my life coaching work is my desire that each of my coaching clients absolutely love their lives.

‘Hate’ is such a strong word. But I understand it. We get just one life. The “1 life” reality adds meaning to every second and magnifies every misstep we take. Additionally, too many people I meet are stuck. They feel as if they are not getting anywhere. They feel hopeless. They wonder if their lives are on the right track. As a result, they hate their lives. They feel that they don’t know what to do next or now. They might be in a bad or dissatisfying job. They may be stuck in a less than fulfilling relationship. Perhaps they are stuck hanging around underachievers or negative people day after day. They might be in an endless loop of bad habits – overeating, smoking, excessive drinking, out of control anger, laziness, wasting time, lack of focus, spending time on worthless endeavors, procrastination, negative thinking, and on and on.

Here’s the truth: The life you hate is the life you have created. That’s the good news because that means that you hold the key to freeing yourself from the hate and getting to the point where you can state, “I Love My Life!”

I know this to be true:

You don’t get better through chance. You get better through change.”

So! What to do?

I have a very good process I take my clients through that leads them from lives they hate to lives they love. In the interest of time & space, I won’t take you through the entire process now. I will share this key secret on the path to loving your life:

In order to love your life, you need to change your beliefs, which will cause a change in your thinking, which will lead to a change in your behavior, which will lead you to different (and better) results in your life.

I ask you to change your life from self-hate to self-love by asking yourself the right questions. Here’s one big question you should ask yourself now: “What would I do differently if I forgave myself for the mistakes I’ve made?”

Now – here is the masterstroke: Let your answer direct your actions and you will be well on the way towards loving your life!

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Remember – You DO Deserve To Live A Great Life!

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